Prodigi Client Testimonial Video: Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up! Client Testimonial Video

London based online gift retailer Thumbs Up came to us after struggling to find top quality local talent to join their growing tech team. The company has been providing both traditional and online retailers with their unique novelty products since 2004 and were looking to launch an in-house B2B Commerce solution to support their large client base and take some of the pressure off their sales teams whilst keeping them close at hand.

After having Prodigi recommended to them, Thumbs Up reached out to us and were intrigued by the idea of looking into talent from outside the UK. After going through our Discovery Process, the company’s founders felt confident that we could deliver for them and we set to work.

By carefully analysing what we learned through the Discovery Process we were able to quickly recognise the company’s specific needs. Once these were established, we were able to work out an ideal structure for their new team and look into our available talent and provide Thumbs Up with the front and back-end developers they needed along with a suitable project manager and QA specialist who were able to join the company within a month of initial contact.

Our talent has proved to be a productive match for Thumbs Up and our team have helped boost order through their channel and have remained in place to support the platform’s continuing development.

“It was very smooth, mainly because they were very meticulous with understanding our needs and going through what was required.” Said Mitesh Patel, co-founder of Thumbs Up.

 “I 100% recommend Prodigi to anyone wishing to upscale their tech team and we look forward to working together for a very long time in the future.”

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