Happy Teams Podcast with Gareth from Liberty

Gareth Morgan Liberty Marketing Happy Teams podcast

“The inspiration for doing this was not having a USP and not standing out as an agency anymore.” Gareth Morgan, founder of Liberty Marketing, shares his agency’s journey into specialisation in this episode of the Happy Teams podcast.

By launching Foundation for the beauty industry and Balance for financial services, Liberty discovered the power of having a clear USP in a crowded market. Specialisation had an immediate impact, attracting senior marketers from leading brands and a flood of new business.

Gareth discusses the importance of having a passionate, credible leader with deep industry knowledge at the helm. Specialisation has also boosted team satisfaction and performance, with Liberty scoring above industry benchmarks on metrics like team relationships and learning opportunities.

Tune in to learn how specialisation transformed Liberty Marketing and discover valuable insights for your own agency’s growth strategy.

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Key takeaways:

  • Specialisation helps agencies stand out and attract top clients and talent.
  • Authentic sector expertise and a passionate leader are crucial for success.
  • Specialising can boost team happiness and performance by fostering learning and pride.
  • Careful consideration is essential before specialising, as it requires significant time and focus.


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