Happy Teams Podcast with Leigh from Tangent

Leigh Gammons, Tangent Happy Teams podcast

In the latest episode of Happy Teams, Leigh Gammons, CEO of digital product agency Tangent, shares what it takes to build a thriving, engaged remote-first team. With over 15 years of experience leading global businesses for top clients like HSBC, Ford, and Coca-Cola, Leigh brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

“There’s two components of trust,” Leigh explains. “There is how competent somebody is and also what their character is. They’re only half each. So if you had a glass, then you can only get half of the amount of trust if you’ve got an amazing character and only half if you’ve got good competence.”

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Leigh shares four key pillars of his approach to building happy, high-performing remote teams:

  • Communication – Leigh explains the critical role of transparent communication in engaging employees. 
  • Wellbeing – Recognising the link between employee wellbeing and performance, Tangent provides comprehensive mental health and medical benefits from day one. 
  • Facetime – As a remote-first company, Tangent prioritises making infrequent in-person interactions highly productive and engaging. 
  • Democratised Decision-Making – Drawing on his experience growing agencies, Leigh cautions against the pitfall of centralising too many decisions.

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