Happy Teams Podcast with Paddy from Aira

Happy teams Paddy Moogan Aira

Listen to Paddy Moogan, co-founder of SEO agency Aira, share his interesting journey from young florist to SEO agency leader.

Paddy is open about the challenges of balancing capacity with incoming work, sharing instances where Aira got it right – and where they stumbled.

He discussed the importance of prioritising quality over speed in hiring, even when the pressure is on.

“We wanted to hire people that could come in and hit the ground running,” Paddy explains, a move that allowed Aira’s founders to focus on growing the business while maintaining high-quality work.

Drawing on his experience training new SEO managers, Paddy identified a gap in the market for resources tailored specifically to agency leaders.

This inspired him to create an online course aimed at helping new managers navigate the transition from exceptional practitioners to effective people leaders.

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Paddy’s Key Advice for Agency Owners:

  • Ensure every team member has a clear “next step” in their career journey.
  • Never settle when it comes to hiring. If it’s not a resounding “yes,” it’s a no.
  • Understand the self-reinforcing relationship between happy teams and satisfied clients.

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