Happy Teams Podcast with Patrick from TRGT

Patrick Nancarrow TRGT Happy Teams

As TRGT grew, the benefits of a remote model became clear – access to top talent, cost efficiency, and the ability to serve clients internationally. However, the founders soon realised the importance of intentionally shaping company culture.

“It was out of convenience,” Patrick explains, “We just thought we’d give it a go and see what happened.” In this episode of Happy Teams, Patrick Nancarrow, co-founder of digital marketing agency TRGT, shares his journey of building a successful remote-first agency from the ground up.

TRGT’s multinational team has been a key competitive advantage, enabling them to serve clients expanding into European markets better than solely UK-based agencies.

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When acquired by Sideshow Group in 2021, TRGT’s people-first culture and international reach were major draws. For many employees, the remote lifestyle is a game-changer, fueling their commitment to the agency’s success.

 Key Takeaways:

  • Intentionally shape company culture, especially as your remote team grows.
  • Over-communicate and use multiple channels to keep everyone aligned.
  • Leverage the diversity of a multinational team to serve clients better.
  • Foster a remote work environment that benefits both employees and the company.

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