Happy Teams Podcast with Paul from hedgehog lab

Happy teams podcast Paul Goddings Hedgehog lab

Hear Paul, Head of Operations and Delivery at Hedgehog Lab, reveal the key ingredients to sustaining a high performing team culture following of their merger with Netsells. 

“Giving people a platform to work on good quality projects where they’re understanding who the client is and what the background is and helping them see those things through to fruition gives them self-satisfaction,” Paul explains, highlighting the importance of humanising the client-agency relationship.

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Paul dives into four critical aspects of Hedgehog Lab’s approach to building happy, collaborative teams post merger:

  • Cultural Fit – Ensuring new hires align with the company’s values and work well with existing teams is essential for maintaining a cohesive culture, especially during a merger.
  • Assumptions are Dangerous – Clear communication and well-defined processes are crucial to avoid misunderstandings and keep everyone on the same page, particularly when integrating teams with different ways of working.
  • Fostering Collaboration – Regular meetups, inclusive social events, and daily stand-ups help remote team members feel connected and engaged, even across time zones.
  • Feedback Loops – Multiple channels for sharing concerns and ideas, from one-on-ones with line managers to mental health support and anonymous surveys, ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

Paul also shares his biggest post-merger learning: investing in a Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool from day one. 

“Had we set ourselves on the front foot with that, maybe gone with a solution early doors, then that would’ve enforced a lot of the process that is required,” he reflects.

Tune in to discover how Hedgehog Lab is leveraging seniority, collaboration, and a return to the office to drive the next phase of growth, and learn from Paul’s experience uniting teams and processes post-acquisition.

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