Happy Teams Podcast with Sammy from AgencyUK

Happy Teams Podcast with Sammy Mansourpour from Agency UK

Welcome to Happy Teams! Our latest episode puts the spotlight on AgencyUK, a leading full service brand communications agency based in the South West of England.

Join us as we chat with Sammy, where he unveils key initiatives that have turned the company into a great place to work, including:

  • Their impactful B Corp status, driving positive change in both work and culture.
  • The unique “Agency for All” training program, shaping the next generation of talent.
  • How AgencyUK achieves an impressive 5% staff turnover rate.
  • An unexpected mission to pollinate the UK with Knights Beekeeping!

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Discover more about AgencyUK at https://www.agencyuk.com/ and connect with Sammy on LinkedIn. Get ready to glean insights that could reshape your approach to talent management. Let’s dive in!

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