Great at what you do?

then we’d love for you to join our global network of the best talent from around the world. Here’s why you should come and be part of a new way of hiring.

An elite group

Joining prodigi’s talent network is like joining a prestigious college or club. You’ll be recognised as being one of the best of what you do. You can use that recognition to market yourself, wearing your membership as a badge of honour.

No more awful clients

One of the toughest thing about contracting is dealing with terrible clients. By joining Prodigi, you can start working on more exciting and important projects with clients that value what you do.

Stable work,
stable income

With Prodigi, you’ll have access to a reliable and constant source of work. You can develop stronger relationships with clients, often leading to long-term contracts. Not only that, but we make sure you always get paid on time without having to chase invoices

Our vetting process


Start by filling out the form and telling us all about yourself. Be sure to provide some work samples so we can see what you're made of.


You'll then be given an English proficiency test and an informal interview. If that all goes well you'll be invited to a technical interview.


Finally, we conduct a technical test assignment to see how you work and make sure you have the skills to pay the bills.

Think you've got what it takes?