How Prodigi works

No industry moves faster
than digital.

That’s why we remove the talent bottleneck, to
help you deliver your most important digital
projects on terms that work around
you. Prodigi lets you ‘spin up’ an experienced
that can help you accomplish your goals
– on time and to a high standard. Prodigi
brings flexibility to
building a team.

Step one


First we carry out a small discovery phase to understand your requirements and create a specification for the project. You can book a call with the consultant and talk through the details.

Step two

Talent match

Then we'll match you with assessed talent - people with strong experience working on similar projects, and often people who have experience working together on similar team.

Step three

Deploy talent

Finally, we deploy your bespoke digital talent to you ready for work, so you have the experts you need to manage your projects.

Start your project
with Prodigi

Quickly scale your team with some
of the world’s best talent.