How remote working can keep you competitive.

How remote working can keep you competitive

Companies are starting to realise the immense benefits of embracing a remote working company model.  Those who are adapting their staffing models to include hiring and building teams of distributed staff are creating their own competitive edge. Not only hiring employees that are happier but creating a more productive working environment.

“84% of global businesses that are using flexible workspace policies, attract and retain top talent.

IWG Global Workplace Survey

Talent management and recruitment, especially in the digital sphere is fiercely competitive. Everyone wants to attract the top talent to drive their agency or organisation forwards. Flexible working is now a big draw for not only those seeking new employment but as a key strategic move for companies.

We explore the many benefits a remote working model can bring to companies and staff alike.

Reduced Overheads

Moving to a distributed model of working reduces your dependency on large expensive office space, saving on many office expenses that can take a toll on your bottom line. 

Greater Creativity & Diversity

Building a team in multiple different countries, cultures and backgrounds can bring together a wonderful mix of creativity, as people view tasks and solutions in many different ways. It becomes a melting pot of creativity and diversity, that leads to outstanding outputs that push boundaries like no other.

Talent recruitment beyond boundaries

Looking further than your head office location breaks down the barrier of traditional talent management. Allowing you to source highly talented individuals from a wider talent pool in global locations. 

Better Coverage

With staff based in different time zones and geo locations, your company can operate across a wider spectrum of time. Giving you greater coverage to respond, work on projects and project manage your workload across different bands of time.

High Productivity

There are many false views on remote working, that workers that are not under the office watchful eye will be unproductive and that less work will get done. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

“85% of over 15,000 global business confirmed that greater location flexibility leads to an increase in productivity”

IWG Global Workplace Survey

Remote workers have fewer distractions, less time-consuming meetings, less office politics and more time to plough through their workloads in a productive manner.

“According to Inc Magazine, remote workers are almost twice as likely to work beyond 40 hours a week and are 20% more productive when they get given creative projects remotely.”

Inc Magazine

Staff Retention

Flexible working is a big factor for many now when seeking employment. So not only does it help you attract new talent but it is also a big factor in staff retention. The staff that have remote working options, take fewer sick days and often stay in their job for a lot longer. 

“10% predicted boost in employee retention in 2020 when companies support a “choose-your-own-work-style” culture.”

Gartner Research Note

Happier Staff

And finally, a remote working model makes people happier. Allowing your staff to find a better work-life balance, to have more time to fit family and children around their working hours promotes better mental health and wellness for all.  It cuts out time for commuting so workers have time for dropping off kids for school or go for that healthy morning jog. Reducing stress and making staff happier and healthier.

“77% of people say that working from home has improved their overall health and wellbeing.”


If want to make your workplace more flexible and/or if you are looking to find more remote working talent contact us today to discuss your distributed working needs.