Prodigi x Cactus: How to harness distributed teams for a successful exit


Distributed teams are a fantastic way for agencies to scale up quickly and pull together highly experienced global talent in a more efficient way. These benefits can help make an agency incredibly attractive to acquirers. However, tapping into these benefits raises its own set of challenges and there are several things agency managers need to consider before thinking about exiting their company.

To discuss this, our founders David and Bachir teamed up with Mark Sainthill from – Europe’s leading corporate advisory and growth consultancy.

What to expect

  • What distributed teams are and how valuable they can be
  • What roles work best in distributed teams
  • Why acquirers like distributed teams
  • Challenges you need to consider when building distributed teams

Here, we combine our knowledge and experiences of harnessing distributed teams to grow an independent agency to tell you everything we think agency managers need to know before doing the same.

We cover all bases from explaining why a strong network of distributed talent can make a good agency even more appealing and what types of roles they are best suited to – to the importance of establishing and maintaining clear lines of communication to facilitate creativity and team cohesion – to tips for managing the unique challenges presented by different time zones, contractual arrangements and GDPR considerations as well as much more.

Why this is good for your agency

  • We believe that a good understanding of all these aspects is essential for those looking to upscale their agencies, grow their appeal and harness the power of globally distributed teams to drive their workflow and deliver for their clients.
  • The way we work has changed forever and distributed teams are a key component in the new way that businesses are operating so knowing how to manage them is a no-brainer.

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