How to Still Hire New Employees During COVID-19

How to still hire during COVID-19

With most economies still in some form of lockdown due to the modern pandemic, it has been a challenge for nearly all businesses to operate. The usual activities that they take for granted have become a luxury right now. However, even if the situation has been difficult for companies, the default reaction should not be to shut down automatically.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 has forced countless companies to close shop as they could not adjust to the new normal. According to estimates, around a million workers in the UK are at high risk of losing their jobs even with the economic stimulus in place. 

Although times are very difficult for many companies, if possible and where needs arise, companies should continue recruiting during COVID-19. Employers should not be put off by hiring remotely.

Managing your Remote Recruitment Process

Employers around the world have been leveraging technology to scale down, not close down, operations. Employees have the option of working from home. In the same sense, companies can also make use of technology to hire applicants remotely. Even the largest IT companies such as Basecamp, Automattic and Buffer do not even have a physical office, and yet they employ thousands of employees across the globe. 

So, hiring remotely is nothing new. You are only going to follow the best practices that are already adopted by successful companies. For instance, WordPress would be a great case study to show how to manage the remote recruitment process. In fact, the system is set up in such a way that the applicant would not even have a chance to speak to a real person until their first day on the job.

Your Digital Recruitment Process

First, managers and recruitment officers need to be coached in the right way to interview applicants. The old method of watching for verbal and non-verbal cues during face-to-face interviews is no longer applicable. Second, you need to rethink your interview questions. There is a lot of noise when it comes to video interviews. 

Digital Recruitment Systems

With COVID-19, your resources might be stretched to the limit. Luckily, you do not need to invest in expensive technology. You also have an array of choices, depending on your budget, on the type of technology to adopt, such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Facebook Live. Video conferencing also enables a better vetting process for the applicants.

While WordPress has fully automated the remote recruitment process, it is not a good idea to follow the company’s lead right now. While there are platforms that test communication skills, grammar, and leadership potential, there is no substitute for an experienced recruiter. 

Here are some factors to consider when hiring remotely amid the COVID-19 pandemic:

Digital Candidate Assessment

Most of what you do during face-to-face interviews can be moved online. However, you might utilise online tests and find ways how to evaluate the applicant under time pressure. 

HR Coaching

The HR will work with the recruitment management to come up with interview questions that would test the behaviour and skills of the applicant. In some instances, you can also divide the interview into two sets–the first is attended by HR to determine communication skills and attitude. The second set will test job skills.

Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Make sure to communicate with job seekers throughout the process. Do not leave job seekers waiting for a long time for the results of the interview. There is a lot of anxiety or uncertainty out there due to the pandemic. It would be unfair for everybody to drag the process unnecessarily. 

Be transparent

How are you taking care of your employees during the lockdown brought about by the novel coronavirus? This might be one of the questions the job seeker might ask you. Be transparent and prepare your answer.

Offering your candidate

One of the most important assets of an applicant right now is excellent writing skills. Nobody knows how long things will get back to normal again. If employees are working remotely, the last thing you want to waste your time on is editing one’s output, so choose the applicant with the better ability to communicate effectively with the written word.

One positive thing about recruitment is that it keeps the morale of your employees high. If you are looking for job seekers, it means the company is in little danger of folding. Plus, you can cast a wider net of an excellent talent pool as almost everybody is at home right now. COVID-19 is forcing employers to change their behaviours and mindsets. Those who are able to adjust quicker have a higher tendency to thrive post-pandemic. 

There are a vast number of companies still hiring to fill positions amid the challenges posed by the pandemic.  If you need advice on how to still fill those positions due to increased client demands and the best ways to approach a difficult hire, then contact us today.