Prodigi Candidate Testimonial: Senior PHP/Laravel Developer

Senior PHP/Laravel Developer Candidate Testimonial Video

Zoran is a talented PHP developer from North Macedonia who we helped to find a challenging new role as a Senior PHP/Laravel developer. At Prodigi, we specialise in matching this talent with exciting projects in the UK and elsewhere that we believe both parties can mutually benefit from.

After our assessment process, we could clearly see that Zoran had the skills needed to take one of our clients to the next level. From the moment we first spoke to Zoran, it took us just five days to evaluate him and make this partnership and we’re thrilled that both parties are getting the most out of each other and we hope this is the start of a long and productive working relationship.

Remote working gives tech talent from all over the world the ability to work with companies in entirely new markets without having to uproot their entire lives and move overseas, leading to less stress, better work life balance and best of all, no long commutes. Whether you’re a backend developer seeking a new challenge, a frontend developer that wants to showcase their work to the world or another type of talented tech professional that’s looking to grow, Prodigi is best placed to find a project that works for you.

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