Prodigi Candidate Testimonial: Senior SEO Specialist

Senior SEO Specialist Candidate Testimonial Video

Vlad is a Senior SEO Specialist based in the Romanian capital of Bucharest. Vlad came to us seeking a new challenge and we were more than happy to help.

We got to know Vlad during our vetting process, where we tested his English skills, evaluated some of his past work to assess his SEO experience and knowledge and got to know him as a person. This last step is the most important because it lets us understand the type of environment that he would best thrive in. After the process was complete, we were sure that Vlad would be a perfect fit for one of our clients and we’re very pleased to say that this has turned out to be true.

In this video, Vlad gives us his perspective on what it was like to work with us here at Prodigi, and whether he would recommend it to other digital talent that is thinking of stepping into remote working. He also talks about the support we provide our talent before they first meet our client. We want to make sure that every partnership we create is a success, so we always make sure that we ‘re there to support our talent through every step of the placement process to give them the support they need.

Top tech talent like Vlad can be found all over the world. We love nothing more than finding these talents and partnering them with going digital brands that can use their skills to take them to the next level.

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