Prodigi Candidate Testimonial: SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist Candidate Testimonial Video

Romania is home to plenty of highly experienced tech talent including everything from slick developers, to creative marketing specialists and expert SEO specialists like Chris.

Chris was interested in remote working and got in touch with us when he was seeking a fresh challenge. Right from the start, it was clear that Chris’ talent and wide range of experience would be an excellent asset to so many of our clients and we couldn’t wait to get him set up with the perfect project.

In this short video, Chris shares his perspective on what it was like engaging with the Prodigi process from start to finish. He covers everything from making initial contact right through to his placement and what he enjoys about working remotely as part of a larger team. We’re thrilled to hear that Chris got exactly what he wanted from the service we delivered for him from communication right through to the employment stage and we can’t wait to see how he grows into the new role we sourced for him.

At Prodigi, we pride ourselves on matching top tech talent from across the world with growing projects that are perfectly matched to their unique skill sets.

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