Prodigi Client Testimonial Video: Ballistra Group

Ballistra Group Client Testimonial Video

The Ballista Group provides consultancy support to the founders of innovative, forward thinking and fast growing tech startups primarily from the US, the UK and Israel. The nature of their work means that Ballista’s clients are always in need of fresh tech talent to help achieve their ever growing business goals. The Ballista Group came to Prodigi looking for a reliable company that could help them meet this demand whilst understanding the
complexities of global markets as many of their clients hosted both domestic and international channels and required talent with knowledge of both.

The past experience of our co-founders, David and Bachir, meant that we were able to quickly identify the specific needs of their clients and suggest team structures and strategies accordingly. Ballista’s diverse portfolio of clients meant that we needed to match them with developers that were experts in challenging technologies and understood the challenges faced by Israeli companies operating in competitive spaces.

Top talent is at a premium in Israel and by turning to our global pool of talent we were able to provide Ballista with a selection of profiles within a week and had team members working with their clients within one month and all at a reduced cost.

“These are two things that are critical for tech startups – time to hire and hiring the right
people the first time.” Said Max Radford, CEO and co-founder of Ballista Group

“We were really impressed with the experience of the co-founders as they had already grown and exited a tech business – so this made them really well positioned to solve the hiring needs of our clients quickly and professionally.”

Max has already recommended Prodigi to a number of Ballista’s clients and we look forward to being a part of their journey for many years to come.

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