Prodigi Client Testimonial Video: coLab

Client testimonial video: coLab

Many US agencies have already started looking to us to help them solve their hiring hurdles and boost profits.

Take coLab for example. The NYC based growth marketing agency specialising in tech startups came to Prodigi needing to quickly hire a diverse range of goals including everything from Hubspot experts to project managers.

By taking the time to understand coLab’s business we were able to quickly and efficiently partner them with experienced team members from across Europe. 

Our process is always as transparent as possible, so coLab were able to see first hand how our methods were tailored towards helping them meet their own unique goals and finding hires whose experience and personalities were the best fit for their business.

“I never had such an easy time finding and hiring qualified candidates. I wish hiring in the US was this easy!” Said coLab’s CEO, Noel Tassey

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