Prodigi Client Testimonial Video: Hlabs

HLabs client testimonial

Our work with HLabs, a creative agency, showcases the value we provide. Founder Hannah first learned about our remote team building expertise at an industry event. Since HLabs was already remote-first, she saw an opportunity to further expand their remote workforce through our services.

After discussing their needs, we presented a WebFlow developer who also has a design background – an intersection of skills that benefited HLabs’ teams. As Hannah noted, the developer’s unique abilities have improved collaboration between the design and development groups. Our personalised approach streamlined the hiring process for H abs. They appreciated being able to focus on their core work while we sourced top talent to accelerate their growth as a remote agency.

“Our Webflow developer has been absolutely astounding – the price was right, the hiring process was streamlined, and we had to do less interviewing ourselves. I highly recommend Prodigi’s service.”

Hannah Springett, CEO & Founder of HLabs

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