Prodigi Client Testimonial Video: SUSO

SUSO Client Testimonial Video

SUSO is a UK based SEO agency that already has a large number of staff based in Poland, Asia and elsewhere, so they are no stranger to the benefits of hiring remote tech talent. SUSO approached us when they were looking to fill a selection of brand new roles and big hires within their agency.

After analysing the detailed job specifications they provided us with, we were able to provide them with a shortlist of high quality candidates within a matter of days.

Making a big hire is a huge deal for any business and SUSO was determined to find the right candidate before they set anything in stone. We always take the unique needs of our clients into careful consideration when offering potential candidates and we were happy to be able to offer them a selection of interviewees that we felt were well experienced and perfectly suited to the role. 

Whether you’re trying to fill a top-tier senior role or you’re looking for a developer to bolster your digital workforce, hiring remotely expands your talent pool exponentially. We pride ourselves on tapping into this pool to offer businesses exciting new talent that can help take their business to the next level. 

Will said:

“Prodigi found me top calibre talent with a very smooth process. To be able to enter the offshore markets, you need a company that has local knowledge and I certainly would recommend Prodigi for that.”

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