Prodigi x Confessions of an Agency Owner Podcast

Confessions of an agency owner podcast

Remote working has transformed the working landscape forever. But even after a few years of the new normal, many businesses are still adjusting to hiring a completely remote workforce.

Businesses want to know they’re making the right hires. Not only for the quality of work they need to do what they do, but also to ensure that their teams consist of members that fit with their vibe and workplace culture. Adding an international element to that equation understandably raises a bunch of questions that any agency owner will want answers to before making the jump into hiring global talent.

To answer some of these questions, our founders, Bachir and David, were invited onto the fantastic Confessions of an Agency Owner Podcast to talk about their experiences in making this dynamic approach to talent acquisition work.

Here, they discuss everything from how the idea of Prodigi stems from operating as an independent agency in the hyper-competitive and costly UK market, to the logistics of hiring individuals with a wide range of tax and pension requirements.

Perhaps most importantly, this podcast sheds light on how to create a unified, highly motivated culture amongst a remote team spread across the world. This is one of the most important things to consider when going for this method of working and we understand the benefit of organising creative socials, giving team members a voice so that they feel they are a team and not just a staff member and understanding the signs of when someone may not be entirely happy. All of these and much more are essential in retaining talent and ensuring your team’s feel they are a part of your projects.

We really enjoyed recording this and hopefully we’ve answered some of your questions along the way.

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