Prodigi x Sterka: Managing client relations in distributed teams


Distributed teams are a great way to tap into a global pool of premium talent who can deliver top tier work for your clients at a reduced cost. However, whilst this business model offers great results for businesses, it is not without its own set of challenges and managing client relations can represent a major hurdle.

But for every challenge there’s a solution. To discuss how agencies can improve client relations, training amongst distributed, measuring success and more – our founders David and Bachir teamed up with top leadership coach and founder of Team Sterka, Trenton Moss.

Over the last couple of years, Trenton and Team Sterka have helped dozens of client facing businesses grow through enhanced people skills and leadership training programmes – so who better to discuss how to manage client relations for distributed teams?

What to expect

  • Training distributed teams
  • Managing different personalities in distributed teams
  • Measuring Success

We start by discussing how business leaders can best manage training for distributed teams. Technology is moving faster than ever and is increasingly shaping the way we work. Distributed teams are a sign of this but ensuring they are trained on new technologies and business practices can seem daunting when training has traditionally been done face to face. 

Here, Trenton and Bachir outline how remote online training may actually be smoother and more efficient than traditional methods. We also discuss how to accommodate and manage different personalities when working with remote teams and how this new way of working can lead to an improved flow of ideas, boost morale amongst team members and create a better end result for your customer.

Why this is good for you

  • Managing client relations is a huge part of forming the types of long lasting working relationships that can make a business thrive and whilst technology and working practices are changing, that much never will.
  • We have years of collective experience in building these relationships, managing distributed teams. We believe that having a grasp of the ideas covered in this video is essential for client facing businesses to get the most from their distributed teams.

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