Prodigi x The Agency Accelerator Podcast

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Resourcing has always been one of the key issues facing new agencies and with many different models to choose from, deciding which one can become a costly and time consuming headache. 

Our founders, David and Bachir, have years of first hand experience in overcoming these types of challenges both with their own agency and now through helping others do the same  with Prodigi. We wanted to share some of this knowledge with you, so David and Bachir have teamed up with Rob Da Costa of the Agency Accelerator Podcast to share some guidance and advice on how to decide if the remote teams model is the right resourcing strategy for your agency.

Here, they discuss every part of their agency owning journey from the day to day running, to team management and eventual exit strategy before creating Prodigi. David and Bachir touch upon the challenges faced along the way, how they were overcome and what was learned from them that eventually lead to the creation of Prodigi.

In terms of resourcing, this podcast takes a look at all the pros and cons of the remote working model. From matching the right talent for clients, to managing remote freelance teams to maintain engagement and motivation, to analysing which roles are best suited to the model, we leave no stone unturned so that the listener can make an informed decision about whether this is something they want to adopt within their own agency and whether it would suit their own portfolio of clients.

We had a great time recording this and can’t wait to share some of our advice and experience with you. We hope that you enjoy it.

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