The team you need,
when you need it.

Prodigi lives and breathes digital commerce, so
however complex your project you can be sure
that we
speak your language. You might be
looking to carry out a specific project – for
example to
replatform – or you might have an
ongoing 'business as usual' requirement for
support, development
or design.

One-off project
Ongoing support
Flexible teams
Example #1

One-off project

If you know what you want to build, we can help you spec out the requirements – and build the right team to make it happen.


We can build you a distributed team with handpicked and vetted developers, UX designers and server experts – with a project manager to hold it all together.

Our insight

First, we'll take you through a swift discovery phase to capture exactly what you need. We'll ask you some questions to surface what you're trying to accomplish – so you know what you’ll get.

Your advantage

You'll know exactly how long the project will take, and you’ll have a good idea of the cost.

Example #2

Ongoing support

Whether you need one or a few people on an ongoing basis, we can assemble your own virtual team of people based on your exact requirements.


You need a developer for 80 hours a month – and extra pair of hands to support a growing project.


We can supply an assessed, qualified developer – without the overhead of an agency.

Your advantage

Your team can expand and contract based on your demand, so you’re never paying for a resource you don’t need.

Example #3

Flexible teams

You can assemble the perfect team – and flex it up and down as required.


You want to run a content marketing campaign to get inbound links to your website – but you only want to do this twice a year.


We can spin up a team of content marketers and SEO experts for a three month project – who can disband as soon as your project is complete, and reform when the requirements exists again.

Your advantage

Say goodbye to monthly retainers, and hello to complete control over what you spend.

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