Supporting Your Team’s Well-Being While Working Remotely

Supporting Your Team’s Well-Being While Working Remotely

Humanity is up against a vicious invisible enemy that has swept the whole world, bringing many countries to their knees. This silent killer knows no race, religion, gender, and social class. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in social distancing measures, enhanced community quarantine, and in many areas, a strict lockdown. Thankfully, the advent of technology has paved the way for most businesses to resort to a remote work setup so that operations can continue while minimising the spread of the contagion.

However, for those who are not used to working from home, cabin fever is setting in. Apart from fearing the virus, there’s mental health to contend with because you are afraid and anxious. It is also not easy to be away from your friends and loved ones. The isolation from human touch can lead to depression. As a business owner and team leader, it is your moral obligation to protect your team’s well-being. They are the lifeblood that assists you in making sure your business runs smoothly. Consider implementing the following helpful tips below to ensure that your staff’s mental wellness remains in tip-top shape during these trying times. 

Fix Your Remote Work Set Up

Now that you have reverted to virtual work due to the threat of the Coronavirus, the first thing you must encourage your staff to do is to set up a designated work area in their home. They must have a proper working table and chair to keep eye strain and muscle pain at bay. Make sure that your entire staff is equipped with the right tools such as a computer, mic, webcam, mobile phone and good internet connection. 

Remind everyone that though it may be tempting to work sprawled on the bed or the couch in pyjamas, these habits are counterproductive. Working in these lounge areas while wearing sleep clothes may induce laziness. Your team must be reminded to diligently do their work in a sound environment that motivates them to give it their best shot. Access to a good home office, even if it’s just in a tiny corner of your living room or den, will allow your team to optimise their time and ensure they consistently deliver good work outputs. 

Open Communication Lines for Easy Access

It is critical to establish a work rhythm with your staff because routine provides everyone a sense of security, which people desperately need to feel in these uncertain times. Prioritise conducting regular catch-ups and video meetings with your staff so that they will feel the connection. Apart from the usual meetings, you can also hold watercooler videos so you can relax and talk about non-work related topics.

Through these efforts, your team will be able to collaborate and work well together. When everyone is not afraid to share their opinions, there is a robust exchange of ideas and suggestions, which you can use to propel your business forward. Most of all, every personnel must have a contact person that they can directly engage with should there be any critical issues. 

Having this point person assures your team that there is always someone there to talk to when the going gets tough. Even if you and your team are miles apart, distance should not be a hindrance to excellent team dynamics. 

Encourage Taking Healthy Breaks

Encourage your team members to take healthy breaks throughout their shifts. Taking a short five to ten-minute break per hour is totally recommended. Your team can do stretches, short walks to get water, or even breathing exercises. Everyone needs to understand that “stopping to smell the roses” will give them the energy to plough through their workload. Giving the mind time to relax is beneficial for your company’s overall bottom line because your employees will not burnout. 

Additionally, encourage everyone to engage in exercise at home. There are many YouTube videos for all fitness levels. It can be belly-dancing, CrossFit training, Zumba, yoga, and the like. With a broad range of videos to choose from, there’s bound to be something for everyone to enjoy. A lung-busting workout will help your team relax and re-group. Best of all, everyone boosts their immunity by exercising as this releases all the harmful toxins in the body through sweat. 

Promote the Virtue of Work-Life Balance

Don’t forget to emphasise the importance of compartmentalising in a work from home setting. There will be distractions, like children, chores, or even the TV. Thus, it is critical for everyone to comply by building a decent schedule and keeping organised. Through the implementation of boundaries, your team members can successfully fulfil all their tasks without feeling the stress. 

For example, it is tempting to attend work in pyjamas and forget about brushing your hair because no one is there to see you, anyway. However, remind your staff that these are terrible practices that promote mediocrity. They must follow a healthy routine with good hygiene habits. Taking a shower, working with the right clothes, and doing tasks in a proper work area ensures they all remain energised and motivated to do their work. 

Motivate and Inspire People to Keep Learning

Just because everyone is staying home doesn’t mean it’s the time to be complacent. Remind your team that they must continually engage in productive activities to keep on learning. They can take part in free online courses and learn through webinars. You can also recommend trade books to help them update their skills and keep them on their toes. 

Now that everyone has more time because they cannot go out, encourage your staff to use their time wisely. Tell your team that the moment they stop learning, they cease growing. Thus, it is vital to encourage your team to engage in productive activities that stimulate growth and development.

Make it a priority

In these worrying times, where everyone feels insecure and afraid, it is now even more crucial to look out after your team’s well-being. You must make it a priority for you and your staff to band together and support each other. You can take the lead by providing a positive work culture. Check-in with your staff regularly to ensure they are coping well with their isolation. 

Keep in mind that workplace well being encompasses all aspects of an individual’s life, so you must make their mental well-being a top priority if you do not want your operations to cease. If you have no idea how to get the ball rolling, you can contact us for advice. We will be more than happy to assist you in making sure your team stays motivated and productive to amplify your company’s profitability.