Why work with
Prodigi talent?

Prodigi makes it quick and
easy to hire the best talent
across the globe.

With Prodigi, your success isn’t governed by
who’s on your doorstep. You can assemble a
virtual team
– managed and vetted by Prodigi
– without the headaches and guesswork you
normally associate
with recruiting.

Fully Assessed

Traditional hiring is hard: scouring the globe for the best talent takes weeks – and it's frustrating when the best talent is already taken. When you do find people – you aren’t always qualified to assess their skill level yourself. (Or the people who are busy.)

Prodigi takes the guesswork out of building a remote team. Everybody you hire is thoroughly vetted by Prodigi – so you can plug your team straight into your project.

Step one

English assessment

Everyone you work with through Prodigi has a high level of English and great communication skills, making sure that nothing gets lost in translation.

Step two

Interviews and references

As well as technical ability, we look for great communication and brilliant attitude. We work hard to ensure your team are a great fit in person – not just on paper.

Step three

Technical tests

We test your team before they start work, to make sure they're proficient in the technologies and frameworks you require. We keep the bar high by only working with the top performing talent.

Start your project
with Prodigi

Quickly scale your team with some
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