Your team, your way

Prodigi gives you access to some of the best talent from around the world. You can build your dream team with none of the in-house hassle, none of the agency overheads, and all of the flexibility and transparency you need. Your team, your way.

Find the best talent

Build out your remote team with fully-vetted professionals from around the world. Pick from project managers, developers, UX designers and more. Contracts are flexible according to your needs, so you can scale your team up as your business grows.

Get a fully-managed team

Our experienced project managers will handle the day-to-day running of your new team, holding daily standups and planning sprints. You’ll also have access to key productivity tools like Jira and Slack for efficient communication. We’ll run your team, so you can run your business.

All the skills you need

An eCommerce business has a lot of moving parts. Make sure everything you need is taken care of with our wide range of talented specialists.

Project management

Keeping your team on track to meet your business objectives. In budget, on time.

Front-End development

Making your site and eCommerce store sparkle and stay consistent with your branding.

Back-End development

Providing a secure and reliable infrastructure so your customers can shop safely and your store can scale up with your business.

Quality Assurance

Preventing errors and bugs from breaking your store, and ensuring your website can scale without any issues.

User Experience Design

Creating the perfect experience for your customers from their first visit all the way through to checkout.

Digital marketing

Growing your store through SEO, paid media, CRO and more, attracting customers and convincing them to buy.

Why Prodigi?

Smarter budgeting

Rigid hiring norms can bleed your budget. With Prodigi, there’s no costly hiring process, saving 30-50% of your money in would-be agency fees.

Skilled teams

Using your budget wisely means getting matched with the best experts in your field, with our support to ensure things go smoothly. No going lone wolf on a freelancer platform.


When workers are assigned to your project, they focus primarily on your business objectives. Just like an in-house team - without the costly implications.

Ready to hire without the hassle?