Build a distributed
the headache
of hiring

You can quickly scale your
team with some of the
best digital talent.

About Prodigi

Prodigi specialises in
distributed working – we can offer
you best of breed digital talent, including UX
platform specialist front and
back end
developers, and
conversion optimisation

Whether you need one developer or a whole
project team, Prodigi lets you quickly
build a
virtual team to work on your most important
projects – without the pain
and cost of hiring
your own staff.

Fully assessed

We find and assess talent around the world and spin up a virtual team who can help you achieve your goals – with the agility to flex up or down as required.


You can use Prodigi to assemble a virtual team to deliver a one-off project – or find the talent you need for ‘business as usual’ support.

No guesswork

Whatever you need, Prodigi takes the guesswork out of building a team.

How it works

No industry moves faster than digital

Step #1


First we carry out a small discovery phase to understand your requirements and create a specification for the project.

Step #2

Talent match

Then we'll match you with assessed talent - people with strong experience working on similar projects.

Step #3

Deploy talent

Finally, we build your team and deploy it to you ready for work.

Why work with Prodigi talent?

Quick and easy to hire the best talent across the globe

You can assemble a virtual team – managed and
by Prodigi – without the headaches and
guesswork you
normally associate with recruiting.
Prodigi takes the
guesswork out of building a remote
team. Everybody you
hire is thoroughly vetted by
Prodigi – so you can plug your
team straight into
your project.


The team you need, when you need it

Scenario #1

One-off project

If you know what you want to build, we can help you spec out the requirements – and build the right team to make it happen.

Scenario #2

Ongoing support

Whether you need one or a few people on an ongoing basis, we can assemble your own virtual team of people based on your exact requirements.

Scenario #3

Flexible teams

You can assemble the perfect team – and flex it up and down as required.You can assemble the perfect team – and flex it up and down as required.

Join our network

Prodigi is the perfect platform
for top talent to find
projects across the world. You
can work from
wherever you
are – giving you the projects
you want,
the income you
deserve, and the flexibility you

Prodigi works with quality talent around the
world, and we only recruit people who
are the
best in their field. This means when you work
through Prodigi, you'll work on
great projects in
'Ivy League' teams.


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